In this new edition of marijuana myths fact or fiction I will continue the debunking process. If you missed out, here’s links to the last installments. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Let’s get to it and start some debunking!

Marijuana Myths Debunked – Fact or Fiction Part 4

Myth #10: You can overdose on marijuana.

This is one of those marijuana myths debunked long ago. But it still is worth noting – no, you cannot overdose on cannabis. There is definitely a chance you might catch some anxiety or even a panic attack as as a result of over medication. But other than a bit of sweaty palms and elevated heart rate, you cannot overdose on cannabis. It is a far safer alternative for it’s pain fighting abilities than opiates. And it’s also a far safer recreational choice than alcohol, which is far more socially acceptable despite being far more dangerous. To overdose on cannabis one would need to take roughly 40,000 times the size of a regular dose – all at once. The National Cancer Institute states “Because cannabinoid receptors, unlike opioid receptors, are not located in the brainstem areas controlling respiration, lethal overdoses from Cannabis and cannabinoids do not occur.” So while one should still exercise restraint and moderation whilst medicating, it’s not life or death.

Myth #11: Legalization will not effect crime rates.

This is a marijuana myth debunked infrequently. Legalizing cannabis would cripple cartels which smuggle lower quality product into the country. The “black market” for cannabis is rarely a dangerous one, as opposed to harder, illicit substances. But being able to go into a store and purchase cannabis that is approved for legal sale, grown in a high budget grow-house….that option existing will indisputably put small time pot dealers out of business. Or it may even inspire them to legalize their “business,” offering them a legal platform to sell natural medicine, helping others.

Myth #12: Cannabis may leave you sterile.

This is an older cannabis myth. Many claim smoking cannabis can have a negative effect on men’s sperm. While a study from the University of Sheffield linked cannabis as a possible cause to sperm abnormalities, others pointed out it was no smoking gun, considering cannabis was only one of many factors. Even the lead author of the study claimed cannabis was more an afterthought of the study, as they took lifestyle choices in general into the equation.