Doug Macdonald Waltham, MA location

Doug has been an employee with Canna Care Docs for about 4 years now, has worked in our call center, many offices, and now is a regional manager for Massachusetts.

1. What were you doing before you came to Canna Care Docs?
“I was working in market research, after that I went back to school for business and accounting. In 2015 I
went to the NECC (New England Cannabis Convention) and I passed out my resume, and from there was
able to connect with Canna Care.”

2. You’ve been with the company for over 4 years now and are one of our regional managers, what is
your favorite aspect of the job?

“I truly enjoy coaching my team. Helping the offices flow smoothly daily, and a harmonious work
environment. As well as keeping the offices up to date with all current information to ensure a pleasant
and informative experience for our patients.”

3. What is the most memorable moment for you at Canna Care Docs?
“I would have to say that by far my most memorable experience with the company has been working
with patients at the ALS house. Returning the next year to renew the certifications was incredibly
rewarding to see these patient’s quality of life improve.”