One does not need a graduate degree in Economics or Mark Cuban caliber foresight to see how the recreational marijuana market was going to impact Colorado’s Sales Tax Revenue. Colorado has already grossed $73.5 million in marijuana sales tax in just seven months, and is projected to collect roughly $125 million over the course of this calendar year (compare that to the $42 million raised in alcohol tax revenue thus far.)

marijuana job market

This is great news for the three states that have made recreational Cannabis available. The people have spoken and the industry is booming. But what of the states where wide-spread, legal marijuana use and treatment is still in its relative infancy? While the flower of job prosperity and opportunity is yet to bloom, the plant grows stronger by the day.

The Growing Marijuana Job Market

Perhaps you have a degree in plant cultivation or horticulture. Maybe you’ve even been growing and harvesting your own cannabis for quite some time. You might also have applicable experience from a peripheral agricultural industry. The goods news is if you have a green thumb, there is no shortage of dispensaries, both open and soon to open, in need of experts to harvest their medicine. With 13 dispensaries open in Maine, 3 in Rhode Island, 2 in Massachusetts, 1 in Connecticut and increasingly more building and business permits being granted to hopeful care centers every month, the career path for an aspiring grower is an ever-more optimistic one.

Those of the entrepreneurial mindset can invent new products to assist in the cultivation of cannabis. Take, for example, Low Stress Training Products. A Low Stress Trainer is a reusable grow kit made if shock cord. This cord fits around 3 to 5 gallon containers, featuring 5 adjustable arms that gently hold the marijuana branches down, multiplying the number of primary flowering regions, and thus resulting in a greater overall yield.

The science of cannabis cultivation doesn’t begin and end in the greenhouse. Marijuana testing facilities such as Pro Verde Labs and MCR Labs in Massachusetts are leading the charge in cannabinoid profile research. Chemists with a passion for this gentle medicine now have a career template to admire.

As marijuana becomes an increasingly more accepted avenue for pain relief and treatment of myriad symptoms, the demographic of medical cannabis patients is quickly broadening in response, many of whom have never experimented with THC in their lives. These patients often seek a means to medicate through cannabinoids while avoiding the the psychotropic effects intrinsically linked with marijuana use. Enter Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil — a hemp plant extract that allows patients the medical benefits of CBD without any of the intoxicating effects of THC. CBD Oil is classified as a ‘dietary suppliment’ therein making it legally available on a federal level. This is not simply fantastic news for patients all over the country on a medicinal level, but it also opens new frontiers in the job market as well. An entire enumeration of cannabis users that would have never previously fit neatly into any categorization are now interested in the health benefits of CBD. The need for clean, well-produced CBD Oil is very real. Hopefuls in the medical field can fulfill both an important civic duty and lucrative opportunity by producing high grade CBD Oil that acts as intended.

marijuana job market

Like any other capitalist-driven business, medical marijuana entrepreneurs and professionals need to press the flesh. The West Coast states with recreational cannabis available are flush with specified marketing agencies, but the North East is quickly becoming a hot bed for the same canna-centric media experts. CannaBranders in Norwood, MA specialize in internal and external branding for marijuana start-ups. The New England Grassroots Institute in Quincy, MA offers classes to hopeful professionals as how to best launch their cannabis-based industries. For those of you with Twitter hands that organically grew a decent social media following — your savvy could soon land you a career in the medical cannabis field.

The Future of the Marijuana Job Market

While the days of marijuana lounges, edible bakeries, and concentrate bars may still be a flicker on the horizon for those in New England, there is much to look forward to. The marijuana job market, indeed, has a bright future for those in the North East. With dispensaries cropping up all over the region, the market-place for bud-tenders and other folks with great inter-personal skills is beginning to open as well. Your experience in hospitality could well land you a job in a field your grandparents could have never predicted.

Many of us were told, time and time again, that cannabis was a road to nowhere. Not only has this thought-process been rendered archaic medically, but financially now as well. It’s become evident that passion and drive, funneled through the marijuana industry, can easily lead to a fruitful professional life.

wrote by Jon Reilly