Seniors and Medical Marijuana: The Benefits of Canna Care’s Virtual Consultations

So you’ve been curious about medical marijuana for a while, and your adult daughter keeps encouraging you to get a card. Among other benefits, you’ve heard it can be helpful for insomnia and anxiety—two things you struggle with that have worsened throughout the pandemic—but in the back of your mind are a series of nagging questions. Is it really as harmless as they say it is? How difficult is it to apply for a medical marijuana card? And what will people think if they find out?

There’s another reason, too, that you keep putting off the process: as a senior at risk for the virus, you’re still trying your best to stay socially distant. A trip to a medical marijuana clinic isn’t at the top of your priority list. 

The truth is, your concerns are all completely valid—that’s why we’re available to address them with you in a virtual consultation through our new telemedicine program. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider setting up a meeting to learn about getting a medical marijuana card.

1. Cannabis evaluations are safe and private.

Scheduling a medical cannabis evaluation via telemedicine means you can meet with one of our licensed practitioners from the privacy and convenience of your own home—or wherever you choose to chat with us! There’s no need to enter our nearest facility, and as a result, you can stay safely distanced from others. You can also have peace of mind knowing that the session is completely private and confidential, with zero chance of bumping into people you know.

2. An evaluation will help you get the facts about medical marijuana before making a decision.

All those questions you had about the safety of using cannabis and the process of obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation? We’re here to answer them. In fact, that’s exactly why a consultation might be helpful. 

How it works: you’ll “meet” (virtually, of course) with one of our state-approved practitioners, followed by one of our expert team members for a one-on-one education session on medical marijuana, your state’s program, and how to stay compliant. If you’re ready, we’ll help you register with your state and complete your application for a medical marijuana card.

3. The stigma you’ve heard about? It’s decreasing for seniors.

Medical cannabis use has been increasing in the senior population. Why? It’s becoming recognized as an effective way to manage various health issues, such as insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. As awareness of its potential benefits spreads, the public is becoming more accepting of marijuana use among the elderly—which, in turn, is making more seniors feel open to trying it. 

4. Medical marijuana might just be a great solution for your health issues.

Believe it or not, nearly 30% of seniors take at least five prescription pain medications simultaneously. While we can’t guarantee that cannabis will be the ideal solution for you—just as with any medication, everyone responds differently—you might find a recommendation for medical marijuana to be a natural alternative to one or more of your pain medications, with less undesirable side effects. 

In addition to pain, many have found that medical marijuana is helpful for insomnia, mental illness (such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD), Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s Disease. Plus, unlike most medications, you can choose from many consumption methods, such as smoking cannabis flower, consuming oils sublingually, using a vaporizer, consuming edibles, or using a topical product.

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With medical cannabis continuing to spread through the country — and with more and more research pointing to its benefits — the tide seems to be turning. In fact, in the 30+ states that allow medical or recreational use, the fastest-growing demographic of users is adults over 50. The face of who is using this substance is getting older and wiser.

Canna Care Docs is proud to be the largest multi-state medical cannabis evaluation and education center group in the United States. Book an appointment with us online or call (866) 846-2420 today.


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