Qualifying for a Medical Cannabis Card in New Jersey

Anyone in New Jersey has heard the news by now: adult-use cannabis became available in the state on April 21, one day after the 4/20 holiday. 

If you’re a registered patient with New Jersey’s Medicinal Cannabis Program, or if you’re considering becoming one, you might be wondering whether it’s necessary since anyone can buy recreational cannabis now. 

There are actually many benefits to being a medical cardholder. And if you qualify, it isn’t difficult to get a medical marijuana card in New Jersey. 

We’ll fill you in on who qualifies, how to apply, and why you should register as a medical marijuana patient in your state.

Who qualifies for medical cannabis in New Jersey?

In addition to having a qualifying medical condition, you need to meet certain criteria to be eligible for medical cannabis in New Jersey. To apply for a card, you must be:

*If you’re a part-time resident of New Jersey (e.g., If you own a summer home), you may qualify for medical cannabis by providing two forms of proof of residency.

What are the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in NJ?

Unfortunately, not every medical condition meets the requirements for a medical marijuana card. Before you apply, check the list below of qualifying medical conditions under New Jersey’s Medicinal Cannabis Program.

Qualifying conditions:

How can I get a medical cannabis card in New Jersey?

First, schedule an appointment with Canna Care Docs in New Jersey to meet with a licensed cannabis doctor. You’ll discuss your condition, answer any questions you might have, and they’ll decide whether medical cannabis is the best option for you. 

Once you’re approved, we’ll send your medical cannabis certification and help you apply for a card through your state.

How much does a medical cannabis card cost?

For most patients, the cost of applying or renewing a medical marijuana card through Canna Care Docs in New Jersey is $200. There are two exceptions: veterans pay $140, and residents with disabilities pay $180.

What are the benefits of getting a medical cannabis card in New Jersey?

You might be thinking, “Recreational cannabis is legal now. So why do I need a medical card?” 

We get it. But first, you should understand there are several benefits to being a medical cannabis cardholder in New Jersey. Before making your decision, consider the perks of becoming a patient:

  1. Medical patients are prioritized over adult-use consumers. This means there will always be a supply available for you in your state.
  2. There’s a lower age restriction for medical cannabis in New Jersey. You can access products at age 18 (or younger with a registered caregiver), while recreational users, on the other hand, must be at least 21 years old.
  3. Medical marijuana patients have higher purchasing limits under New Jersey law. Cardholders can buy up to three ounces of medical cannabis at one time (for a 30-day period), while recreational users can only buy one ounce in a single transaction. As a patient, you may also be exempt from purchasing limits if you’re terminally ill or receiving inpatient care.
  4. You’ll receive care from a certified physician who understands your symptoms. A cannabis doctor can help recommend the best products to manage them. As a recreational consumer, you’d be relying on your own research and the adult-use staff at your dispensary. They may know their cannabis products, but don’t know you or your condition.
  5. You can smoke cannabis in certain public spaces. While recreational marijuana users are prohibited from consuming in any public spaces, medical patients can consume in public as long as they’re following New Jersey’s Smoke Free Air Act.
  6. Cardholders pay lower taxes in New Jersey. Taxes on adult-use cannabis can be steep: in addition to the 6.625% state sales tax, municipalities can tax products up to 2%. But state legislators understand that those with medical conditions need products to alleviate their symptoms, and are lowering taxes for patients. Cardholders currently pay 2% in taxes, but starting July 1, taxes will be eliminated entirely for medical marijuana patients in New Jersey.

Interested in medical cannabis? We’ll help you get started!

If you think medical cannabis might be the right choice for you, we’re here to help. Book an appointment online to schedule an appointment. We’ll answer any questions you may have and guide you through the next steps.