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Why You Should Use Telemedicine?

Convenience – Get a recommendation and become a patient in the convenience of your own home.

Privacy – Get your recommendation in the privacy of your own home.

Necessity – Provides the ability to get a recommendation for those who are unable to leave their home or facility


Why You Should Choose Canna Care Docs?

Trust – We have provided residents of Maine with a superior service at our office locations throughout the state for several years now. This has built trust from the community.

Experts – When choosing Canna Care Docs, you are choosing to be seen by the experts in cannabis medicine.

Security – Canna Care Docs takes securing your privacy very seriously. We employ the same stringent security standards that we utilize in our offices; coupled with HIPAA compliant, enhanced encryption and security protocols for electronic transmission of data. Data is backed up to an access restricted secure location daily.

Confidential – The privacy of our patients is paramount. In accordance with HIPAA, Canna Care Docs will not disclose any Protected Health Information PHI without your express written consent, or where required by law.

Compassionate – Canna Care Docs is made up of extremely compassionate individuals, dedicated to improving the quality of patients’ lives through cannabis medicine.

Education – Understanding cannabis as a medicine is crucial to its effectiveness. Canna Care Docs provides an extremely informative video, produced by experts in the field of cannabis medicine to help explain this gentle, effective medication. Our prized Patient Handbook is made available in a downloadable, printable format for easy reference.

Communication – The lines of communication are open to our knowledgeable cannabis councilors who will be available to answer any questions you may have during our Live Chat feature upon logging on for your appointment.