frequently asked questions

Are all patients authorized to use cannabis for medical purposes?

Patients who are able to safely access medical cannabis must first live in a state where it’s medically legal, have a diagnosed qualifying condition according to their state’s guidelines, and be certified by a qualifying physician in that state.

What credentials do the physicians of Canna Care Docs have?

All medical providers working with Canna Care Docs are licensed and authorized to practice medicine in their respective states and are in full compliance with those state’s medical cannabis programs. They all possess extensive working knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis and can further explain how this medicine can offer relief from your condition.

Can Canna Care Docs help me use marijuana as a medicine if I’ve never used It before?

Yes, we can! Many patients come to us that suffer from a debilitating condition who have never used cannabis before. For this reason, our doctors will obtain your full medical history to determine how cannabis can best offer you relief.

Does Canna Care Docs require medical records for certification?

We strongly encourage patients to bring any relevant medical records with them when they attend their appointment. If a patient needs help obtaining medical records that show a diagnosis of a qualifying condition, they can sign the appropriate release for us to do so.

Does Canna Care Docs prescribe marijuana?

We do not prescribe marijuana. A “prescription” is a specific, federally used term that requires a doctor to specify the dosage and method of ingestion fora specific type of medicine. Our medical providers will discuss various treatment plans with you, including the use of medical cannabis, to alleviate the symptoms of your qualifying condition. If qualified, you will receive a medical cannabis certification.

How does Canna Care Docs check for the possible history of drug use problems?

All of our medical providers have access to the prescription use database which can be used to check individual prescription history for any past drug use problems. Our staff also provides direct follow-up to patients to ensure continued safe and effective use of medical cannabis.

What can I expect during my first visit with Canna Care Docs?

When you first arrive, you will provide us with a valid driver’s license or stateID and fill out some initial paperwork. From there, you’ll meet with a Vitals Consultant who will take your vital signs and go over your paperwork. The consultant will then go over your state’s medical program, safe access, and applicable laws. You will be provided with information on the use of medical cannabis, as well as potential risks and side effects. Then, you’ll meet with a licensed medical provider to discuss your medical history and various treatment options with cannabis for your qualifying condition. After your initial visit, our staff remains available for you to follow-up with should you have additional questions.

How do I renew my certification?

When your certification is due to expire, please call us at (866) 846-2420 to book your renewal appointment and mention that you are a returning patient and when your certification is set to expire. In order to prevent any down time in being able to possess or purchase your medicine, make sure that you give yourself minimum one month’s time before your certification expires to come see us.