Aging baby boomers becoming new face of cannabis.

Aging baby boomers becoming new face of cannabis

Seniors are seeking relief from chronic pain, especially arthritis; they’re looking to cannabis as a sleep aid; and they’re interested in cannabis’ role in curbing Alzheimer’s symptoms.

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Drivers can face serious consequences if caught driving impaired.

Cannabis impairment puts you and others at risk

It’s never recommended for a medical cannabis patient to medicate, and then operate a vehicle of any kind, regardless of your tolerance or comfort level.

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The University of Maryland announced in June that its School of Pharmacy will offer a master’s degree in medical cannabis, and a new course is also being added this fall at Cornell University’s School of Integrative Plant Science called “Cannabis: Biology, Society and Industry."

Careers in marijuana catch on at colleges

Two major universities are creating the first career paths for young people interested in the business of marijuana.

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CBD can treat conditions like epilepsy, PTSD and anxiety without psychoactive effects.

CBD: exploring the therapeutic effects of cannabis without the high

Learn more about CBD in cannabis and its therapeutic effects for medical cannabis patients.

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Each state has a list of qualifying conditions for their medical marijuana program.

Do I qualify for medical cannabis?

Patients need to have a specific condition to qualify for medical cannabis and will need to be recommended for it by a health professional – like Canna Care Docs.

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Seniors are using cannabis to treat arthritis, chronic pain and problems with sleep.

Grandma is the new face of cannabis

The fastest growing demographic of cannabis users is adults over the age of 50.

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Illinois Is Prioritizing Cannabis Over Pills — Why Aren’t More States Following?

Illinois is actively embracing medical marijuana to curtail the opioid crisis. Could the state’s model be a potential blueprint for the rest of the country?

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Call Canna Care Docs to find out how medical marjiuana can help with chronic pain, anxiety, depression and more.

Marijuana therapy with Canna Care Docs

Cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular option for patients who want something other than opioids.

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Cannabis could help stimulate appetite for patients suffering from HIV, AIDS and cancer.

Medical cannabis consumption and “the munchies”

“The munchies” plays an important role for medical cannabis patients with HIV, AIDS and cancer.

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Find Canna Care Docs in Crestwood and Marion, Illinois, we participate in the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program.

New Jersey patient certifications now valid for one year

Effective July 18, 2019, patients in New Jersey may be certified for a period of up to one year for medical cannabis.

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Full list of Pennsylvania cannabis dispensaries that offer discounts for veterans, seniors, those on SSI/SNAP and industry employees.

Pennsylvania Dispensaries & Discounts

Get a full list of Pennsylvania dispensaries and what discounts they offer for veterans, seniors, those on social assistance and industry workers.

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Find Canna Care Docs in Crestwood and Marion, Illinois, we participate in the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program.

Preparing for Your Visit to Canna Care Docs Crestwood & Marion

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Residents of Rhode Island can get their medical cannabis card from Massachusetts and Connecticut too.

Rhode Island: now allowing out of state medical marijuana cards

Patients should use their judgment when promised a “quick out of state card” that may put you at risk of possessing a fraudulent medical cannabis certification.

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Our team member enjoys helping patients with ALS improve their quality of life.

Saturday spotlight: Doug Macdonald

Get to know Doug, one of our Regional Managers, and how he got his start at Canna Care Docs.

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Our team member uses medical cannabis in place of prescribed opioids.

Saturday spotlight: Suzannah Rowan

Get to know one of our Team Members, Suzannah, and her own journey to wellness with cannabis.

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THC in cannabis interacts with our endocannabinoid system to produce a wide range of effects.

THC basics: an introduction to medical cannabis

Learn about how THC and its therapeutic effects could play a role in a patient’s well-being and treatment plan.

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Cannabis infused beauty products with CBD is a growing trend.

The foundation of cannabis-infused beauty products

One of the newest trends is cannabis-infused beauty products containing CBD.

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