Amy’s Story

We are happy to share an inspiring story about how medical cannabis has completely changed Amy’s life.

The decision to come to Canna Care Docs was a 2-year long process. After my 4th spinal surgery in 2012, I became fully disabled. In June of 2018, I was still recovering from my fifth back surgery and still using a walker. As time & my tolerance to my pain meds grew, so did the dosages. I was taking 100mg of extended-release morphine twice a day along with breakthrough pain meds & muscle relaxers.

That wasn’t all. I was also prescribed immediate and extended-release Xanax along with meds like Prazosin, Trazodone, & a few others to treat my PTSD after some trauma in my young adulthood left me struggling to cope.

The Nurse Practitioner at my psychiatrist’s office was the clinician that prescribed my Xanax for me. He gave me his blessing & encouraged me to seek out medical cannabis as an option, but unfortunately due to the way the law was written, he couldn’t sign the application for me. Fortunately for me, he sent me to CannaCare. That’s when & where I became a patient. I got lucky.

My cannabis ended up being so therapeutic for me that 4 months later in November, I was able to successfully taper off that Morphine completely. I have made progress that nobody could’ve fathomed, despite some of the same barriers patients are dealing with today. I am compelled to tell anyone that will listen that there are alternatives to the treatments that have more often than not failed them.

My only regret was not coming to Canna Care Docs SOONER! The compassion from this company supersedes anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. I’m so grateful, & I can’t wait for each patient to have an amazing experience!


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