Canna Care Docs Offers Telemedicine Evaluations for Medical Marijuana

Like many of us, you probably had a pre-pandemic to-do list that has been put on the back burner since March. Now, you’re doing your best to stay safe and social distance (read: working from home by day, sweats, and Netflix by night), only going out for trips to the grocery store—and, perhaps, the occasional outdoor dining experience for some sense of normalcy. 

If one of those all-but-forgotten to-do’s was getting a medical marijuana card, then you’re in luck: Canna Care Docs is offering telemedicine services to help you get the process started safely and remotely. 

Why telemed? Well, for starters…

It’s a safe, socially distant way to receive a medical cannabis evaluation and learn about the application process.

We’re not talking six feet—you can talk to us from wherever you are (yes, your bedroom counts!). Having your session remotely means you can avoid the crowds, forget the mask, and ensure your own safety while discussing your needs with one of our medical practitioners. With flu season approaching, we understand the need to protect yourself is of the utmost importance.

It allows you to meet with our practitioners at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

Let’s face it: our “new normal” still feels anything but normal, and the daily challenges of pandemic life often make it feel like we’re navigating foreign territory. If you’re managing a crazy work schedule, homeschooling your kids or juggling childcare and WFH, visiting a medical marijuana clinic may simply add another task to your already full plate. Scheduling a telemed appointment saves you travel time and allows you to “meet” virtually with one of our licensed practitioners when and where it’s convenient for you (did we mention you don’t have to leave your bedroom?).

It’s not limited to our existing medical marijuana clinic locations.

Unlike in-person appointments, you don’t have to travel to or even be near one of our medical cannabis clinics. You just have to be near your laptop, iPad, or the device of your choice. In fact, our telemed services aren’t even limited to the states we serve—as long as medical marijuana is legal in your state, you’re welcome to schedule a virtual appointment with us for a medical marijuana card evaluation.

It’s more private.

You don’t typically discuss the other prescriptions you’re taking with your friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. Not to mention, there’s still a stigma attached to medical marijuana in many social circles. If, for these reasons, you’re hesitant to enter a cannabis clinic in public—let’s be honest: unlike a doctor’s office, you’d only be there for one reason—we get it. A telemed appointment may be the perfect alternative since it allows you to “visit” us and learn about obtaining a medical marijuana card from the privacy of your home. Just like an in-person visit, the information you share with us in a virtual meeting is confidential.

It offers the same benefits of an in-person medical marijuana evaluation.

What to expect: we’ll go over the details of your state’s medical marijuana program and applicable laws, and provide you with information about medical cannabis, potential risks, and side effects. Then a medical practitioner will discuss your medical history with you, treatment options for your qualifying condition, and any questions you have. We’ll guide you through the medical marijuana application process, and if all goes well, help you get on track to receiving your card.


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