Cannabis impairment puts you and others at risk

Drivers can face serious consequences if caught driving impaired.

The consequences of cannabis impairment – do not medicate and drive

It is never recommended for a medical cannabis patient to medicate, and then operate a vehicle of any kind, regardless of your tolerance or comfort level. Cannabis impairment can seriously impact your ability to drive, or operate any kind of motor vehicle, putting yourself and others at risk of death and serious injury.

The effects of cannabis can impact your reaction time, focus, concentration, and perception of time and distance. Using cannabis and getting behind the wheel of a car could result in you being arrested for a DUI, regardless of the current medical or adult use laws in your state. This is a serious criminal offence that can result in jail time and hinder your ability to travel to other countries.

If you’re impaired by drugs—even if they’re legal prescriptions or medical cannabis—you can be arrested and charged with a DUI. Your status as a medical patient does not justify driving under the influence, and cannabis impairment while driving has extensive consequences. Law enforcement are skilled at detecting impairment of any kind and new testing methods are constantly in development. There is no justifiable reason for getting behind the wheel while under the influence so always choose a safe way home. It’s not worth the risk of hurting yourself or those around you. If you have any questions about using cannabis safely, call your respective Canna Care Docs clinic at 781-382-8053 and speak with a professional there.


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