How to get your Medical Cannabis Card in Pennsylvania

Who can apply for a medical cannabis card in Pennsylvania?

You must be a legal resident of the State of Pennsylvania over the age of 18 with a recent diagnosis of a qualifying condition.

What does a medical cannabis card allow in Pennsylvania?

Approved patients will have access to over 80 dispensaries throughout the state and may purchase up to a 30 day supply at a time.

How do I apply for a Medical Cannabis card in Pennsylvania with Canna Care Docs?

To apply for a medical cannabis card in Pennsylvania you must first make an appointment with Canna Care Docs. We offer easy online booking at or you can book by giving us a call at 866-846-2420

To prepare for your appointment you will want to collect your medical records pertaining to the qualifying condition you wish to treat with Medical Cannabis.

What Can I Expect During an Evaluation for a Medical Cannabis Card in Pennsylvania?

During your appointment, you will meet directly with a knowledgeable provider who will decide if medical cannabis is right for you. Upon a recommendation from our medical cannabis practitioners, you will receive a written certification form from your medical cannabis provider.
Each patient will receive one on one assistance navigating the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program process and qualified patients will receive a physician’s certification valid for 12 months.

Canna Care Docs medical marijuana certification and education event in Cockeysville, Maryland.

What medical conditions qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania?

Do I need to provide medical records to Canna Care Docs of Pennsylvania?

We prefer records, but they are not required.

Can a Qualifying Patient Grow Cannabis in Pennsylvania?

No form of growing cannabis is legal in Pennsylvania for medical cannabis patients.

Can Under 18s Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Yes, minors can obtain a card for medical cannabis in Pennsylvania upon application, consent from a parent/guardian, and medical recommendation from their doctor.

How Does a Caregiver Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in PA?

Yes, medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania can have a caregiver. An individual 21 years of age or older, unless authorized by the department, can serve as a medical cannabis caregiver in Pennsylvania. Caregivers must register with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and follow the instructions to complete a criminal history background check with the State of Pennsylvania’s authorized vendor.

In order to register as a patient’s caregiver, you must have a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license or PA state-issued ID card. If the patient is already registered, you will need the patient’s name, date of birth, and patient ID number.

You cannot be a caregiver if you have been convicted of a criminal offense relating to the sale or possession of drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances within the last five years. Caregivers may provide care for up to five patients.

To apply as a caregiver, follow this process:

  1. You will need to fill out a patient and caregiver application form. If the patient is already registered, you will need their patient ID number.
  2. You must complete the appropriate application form. All caregivers must complete a background check.
  3. You will need to submit a physician’s medical marijuana certificate.
  4. Both the Caregiver and the patient will receive a medical marijuana identification card, except in cases where a patient will not be visiting a dispensary.

History of Medical Cannabis in Pennsylvania

In April 2016, Governor Tom Wolf signed the Medical Marijuana Act into law. The Medical Marijuana Program is for Pennsylvania residents who suffer from at least one of the following 23 serious medical conditions and have received a patient certification by a practitioner registered with the program.