Virginia Law Eases Approval Process for Medical Cannabis

Thanks to a new Virginia law that went into effect on July 1, the registration process for medical cannabis patients is now quicker and less of a burden. 

Previously, if you were seeking approval, you had to get a written certification from a registered practitioner. And then register with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy to get a medical cannabis card

The new legislation signed this year, House Bill 933, eliminates the need for the latter. You no longer have to receive approval from the Board of Pharmacy to buy medical cannabis. This also means you don’t need to pay the Board’s $50 registration fee.

This new change provides much needed relief for Virginia medical cannabis patients. They typically had to wait 60 days to receive approval! 

The legislation also did the following:

  • Removed active ingredient ratio mandates for product formulations
  • Clarified the scope of medical cannabis production and dispensing
  • Eased restrictions on technology permitted in cannabis processing

How to become a medical cannabis patient in Virginia

With the new legislation in effect, this is what the process looks like to become a medical cannabis patient in Virginia: 

  1. First, schedule your appointment with a cannabis clinic like Canna Care Docs. Visit our Virginia clinic page for details and contact us at (866) 846-2420 to book your medical cannabis evaluation. 
  2. Then, meet with one of our practitioners to discuss your symptoms and determine if medical cannabis  is right for you.
  3. Obtain your written certification for medical cannabis.
  4. Bring your written certification to a medical dispensary to shop for products.

Who qualifies for medical cannabis in Virginia?

To be approved for medical cannabis in Virginia, you must be a legal resident. Patients who are under 18 will also need a parent or guardian who is a registered caregiver. 

Most states require patients to have specific qualifying conditions. Virginia is different, however. Medical providers may recommend medical cannabis or cannabinoid-based therapies for any condition they feel will benefit from these treatments.

What are the medical cannabis possession laws in Virginia?

As a medical patient in Virginia, you can possess up to a 90-day supply of cannabis products. This includes all types of products such as smokable flower, edibles, topicals, etc. Each containing up to 10 mg of THC per dose. 

Within that 90-day supply, you can buy up to four ounces of botanical cannabis, or smokable flower, every 30 days. Patients who are 21 and older may cultivate a total of four cannabis plants per household.

Ready to get started?

If you think medical cannabis might be helpful for your condition, we’re here to help. Contact Canna Care Docs in Virginia today to schedule a consultation and we’ll walk you through the process. We’re happy to answer all your questions before you decide to take the next step.


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