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4 Ways Cannabis Can Help with Holiday Stress

Holiday season stressing you out? You are definitely not alone. Finding meaningful gifts that are also in your budget, sending out that picture-perfect family card, handling the drama of family get-togethers and playing Santa like a pro—and doing it all with a heavy dose of holiday cheer—can make even the most level-headed humans go a […]

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3 Reasons Medical Cannabis May Be Beneficial for Veterans

Over 15% of Canna Care Docs patients are U.S. military veterans, and there’s a reason for that. Veterans are unable to access medical cannabis through the VA, a federal agency, since cannabis has not been federally legalized for medical or recreational use.  But many who live in states where marijuana is legal have decided it’s […]

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Illinois Is Prioritizing Cannabis Over Pills — Why Aren’t More States Following?

Illinois is actively embracing medical marijuana to curtail the opioid crisis. Could the state’s model be a potential blueprint for the rest of the country?

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Aging baby boomers becoming new face of cannabis.

Aging baby boomers becoming new face of cannabis

Seniors are seeking relief from chronic pain, especially arthritis; they’re looking to cannabis as a sleep aid; and they’re interested in cannabis’ role in curbing Alzheimer’s symptoms.

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Seniors are using cannabis to treat arthritis, chronic pain and problems with sleep.

Grandma is the new face of cannabis

The fastest growing demographic of cannabis users is adults over the age of 50.

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Call Canna Care Docs to find out how medical marjiuana can help with chronic pain, anxiety, depression and more.

Marijuana therapy with Canna Care Docs

Cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular option for patients who want something other than opioids.

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